Zapped by Stress

That’s what is happening to my energy level lately. I am exhausted, physically, emotionally, and mentally all the time. There’s so much going on that I am having a hard time just doing basic things. My body aches. I cannot get comfortable. Forget sleep. Just typing this all up is making my hands hurt. UGH.

If you aren’t familiar with EDS, it is a genetic condition that effects the connective tissue in the body. It causes the tissue to be stretchier than it should be. This leads to chronic pain, dislocations, subluxations, swelling, and a whole host of other things that nobody can ever fully understand. The Dysautonomia that I deal with causes random fainting spells. I will lose consciousness with no warning. That makes walking fun!! I have dizzy spells if I look at a screen too long. My head never feels like it is on right. The doctors have ruled out a couple specific types of dysautonomia so that just raised more questions. I am a mystery to most doctors. That was fun at first. Not so much now, 6 years later. If it hadn’t been for one helpful nurse that paid attention to somebody else, I may never have gotten any diagnosis.

I’ve started a new business venture. Selling crafts and ideas with a friend. I am home all the time and, on my good days, I can get several things done to make available. Yesterday was a goodish day. I made 10 wands to sell on our site!! That’s a huge accomplishment to me!! Today, the hot glue gun is my enemy. There are all these braces and splints I could use to make life easier. But we live on one income with 6 people. My splints are not the highest priority.

I do community theater outside of the house from time to time. I’m currently working on a production that opened this past weekend. There is so much stress associated with these productions. But it’s what I do that is mine. Where I am just me. Not Mom, not Wife. I can’t give that up. While I’m working on the production, my kiddos have decided to lose their ever loving minds! STRESS!!! Right now I have 2 hours home alone. No kids, no husband, lazy animals, and nobody needing anything from me. I think I need a nap. 🙂


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