A little about me….

Oh, where to even begin. I am a mom, wife, bibliophile, geek, coffee lover, romantic, audiophile, introverted country girl. That’s a start. Unfortunately, I am all of those things stuck in a body that doesn’t like me very much. I hope to start chronicling my daily life; health junk, crazy family antics, and stories you simply couldn’t believe. I swear it gets unreal around here. Sitcoms have nothing on this chaos!! I’ve referred to my life as a beautiful disaster for a long time. After sharing a few stories, I can assure you, you will understand why.

I have Ehler Danlos Syndrome Hypermobile as well as Dysautonomia, and a whole slew of other conditions that go hand in hand. I’m not as educated as I should be on my issues, but I am learning. It’s a long process trying to figure out anything related to my health.  Having great doctors helps a lot, which is why I’m struggling. Apparently, I can’t find those great doctors. I’m fighting for SSDI, supposed to have a hearing sometime this year. I’ve been fighting for so many years now. It’s exhausting.

I try my best to remain active, though that doesn’t always get me very far. I am involved in my local theater so that I can keep doing something outside of the house. It’s hit and miss and only a few months out of the year but it gives me something that’s mine and keeps my mind active. All I can say is I’m trying. This has been a roller coaster journey thus far. I don’t expect the ride to smooth out anytime soon. I need an outlet, something I can do even on my bad days. This is my outlet. This is my Real Beautiful Disaster.


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